Online Global Aluminium Conference from 8 to 10 November 2022 sponsored by Tokai Cobex

AZ Global Consulting will be holding its new Online Global Aluminium Conference from 8 to 10 November 2022 sponsored by Tokai Cobex. This conference focuses on how can we re-energizing for Our Prosperous and Sustainable Future. Our sessions and panel discussions are centered around green aluminium, sustainability and growth opportunities. This conference will feature an […]

AZ China becomes AZ Global Consulting Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that AZ China has changed its name to AZ Global Consulting Limited.  The name change is effective immediately. Why did we change our name? We are the same team, the same quality and the same focus.  But our focus has shifted in recent years to a more global outlook. In […]

Is a Chinese Stimulus coming for the Aluminium Industry?

Lianghui dates announced China’s annual Congress sessions will be held May 21 and May 22. This is the annual ritual parliamentary session, called Lianghui (two meetings). China’s Congress comprises a Lower House, The National People’s Congress (NPC), and an Upper House, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). The Upper House includes celebrities and famous citizens, and really […]

Brent Crude Crash: How will it affect the Aluminium Industry?

Brent Crude recovers slightly from history lows As the price of oil drops a huge 5.2% today alone (20th April 2020), after regaining some of the lost ground from the weeks before, it begs the question – even with APEC’s intervention – what will happen to oil prices in the weeks to come? Will we […]

Aluminium Industry in India | 2020

China Dominates Indian Import Market Whilst you may initially think of China, America or other nations as a go-to go aluminium, India is a significant player in the industry. India has been slowly buying up resources, training its staff and upping their game, to ensure that they can be self-reliant on their own smelters and […]

Aluminium Consulting for China in 2020

Everything you need to know about Aluminum Consulting AZ-China specialises in Aluminium consulting for companies in China or those of you that wish to work with China, including raw materials, such as Petcoke, Carbon, Alumina refining, Bauxite, Smelters and more. We have teams all over China, either on the ground or with connections to industry […]

Petcoke Price | Aluminium Price Watch

What is the Petcoke market price? With so much volatility in the world markets, petcoke prices are also being affected by the continued strain that COVID-19 is putting on the global economy. But during these difficult situations, AZ-China is able to provide the most up-to-date prices of Petcoke and other raw materials for the aluminium […]

Aluminum in China

AZ-China are your experts for all-things Aluminum in China | 2020 The worldwide Aluminum industry is certainly off to a tumultous year, with price fluctuations, raw materials in short supply, COVID-19 affecting manpower and many other issues culminating in the perfect storm. But is it all doom and gloom? Well, fortunately at AZ-China, we can […]