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Black China Report

Published every month, this report provides you with the latest information on the primary aluminium and raw materials markets in China.
AZ Global Consulting has access to a host of primary and secondary sources inside China. As part of our quest to de-mystify China and to help you to understand the Chinese market better, each month this report provides quality analysis and expert commentary on the trends in the various markets and industries.

We start from the top down, looking at the Chinese economic situation, and how that affects the aluminium and raw materials sectors. We look inside the China domestic market for signals as to the direction of the industry, and provide expert analysis of the import and export situation.

Monthly Aluminium Dashboard Service

AZ Global Consulting’s Monthly Aluminium Dashboard brings you all you need to know about developments in the industry and trends in the market.   Each month we provide a full suite of data together with commentary and analysis.   The Monthly Aluminium Dashboard Service also includes a “Hot Topics” section, in which we debate the latest developments, to give you a better understanding of how things are likely to turn out.  The Monthly Aluminium Dashboard is another way in which AZ Global Consulting provides knowledge and intelligence, not just a report.

Aluminum Weekly Alert

The Weekly Aluminium Alert gives you all the important news on a single page. AZ Global Consulting is the only company who not only gives you our forecast, we tell you when we were wrong. No other aluminium expert does this.

Weekly Carbon Market Review

Sent on a weekly basis, this review gives you an instant snapshot of China’s economy, energy, aluminium and related raw materials markets. With the Weekly Market Review, you know what is going on in the aluminium raw materials market in China within minutes.

Annual Report

AZ Global Consulting produces a report at the end of each year that gives a high level review of all that’s happened in the preceding 12 months.

The aluminium industry and markets are constantly evolving, with new trends developing as old patterns disappear. The AZ Global Consulting Annual Report gives you the big picture, sifting and sorting all the granular details to show you the overall trends.

The AZ Global Consulting Annual Report examines the complete supply chain, from bauxite to downstream and scrap/recycling.  Most importantly, this report contains our outlook for the coming 12 months.

AZ Global Consulting Almost Daily Newsletter

The AZ Global Consulting Almost Daily Newsletter brings you the latest aluminium & raw materials markets news, metal and alumina prices, and a whole lot more.

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