Is a Chinese Stimulus coming for the Aluminium Industry?

Great Hall of The People – Beijing

Lianghui dates announced

China’s annual Congress sessions will be held May 21 and May 22.

This is the annual ritual parliamentary session, called Lianghui (two meetings). China’s Congress comprises a Lower House, The National People’s Congress (NPC), and an Upper House, the Chinese People‚Äôs Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). The Upper House includes celebrities and famous citizens, and really is more of a talk-fest, or ideas-fest, than anything. And since the Party is superior to the parliament, the whole thing is about enshrining in law things that the Party has already decided.

But for our industries, the key question is, what will be announced in terms of stimulus? As I discussed in a recent AZAD, the Party’s Secretary-General Xi Jinping has been giving some strong signals. There are plenty of people speculating on the outcome, so I won’t get into a second-guessing game, and we will know in 3 weeks anyway.

Do continue to check back here for more information once we receive the details after the Lianghui. We’ll endeavour to provide you with the key points of the meeting and how it’ll affect you and your businesses around the globe.