Everything you need to know about Aluminum Consulting

AZ-China specialises in Aluminium consulting for companies in China or those of you that wish to work with China, including raw materials, such as Petcoke, Carbon, Alumina refining, Bauxite, Smelters and more.

We have teams all over China, either on the ground or with connections to industry – from the very top players, such as Chalco or Hongqiao, to smaller, independent companies and smelters that play a massive role in the Chinese Aluminium industry.

aluminium smelting pot

Consulting Services: What does that mean for you?

Well, we can provide a number of consulting services to help you make the right decision, or have the most up-to-date market insights and data. Some of our services include:

  • Assistance with purchasing raw materials (bauxite, alumina etc)
  • Sourcing advice & services
  • Bespoke reports on the industry
  • Roadshow support & advice
  • Meeting arrangements with key stakeholders in China
  • Investment advice & support
  • And more

We’re here for all kinds of companies that wish to learn more about the Chinese Aluminum market, from mining corporations, smelters, up & downstream factories, commodity traders, stock market traders, investment banks, construction companies and other related fields.

We also provide many clients around the world with subscription reports which include:

Aluminium Reports Subscription Options

  • Bauxite & Alumina Stock Analysis
  • Black China Report – Analysis on the primary aluminium & raw materials market in China
  • World Aluminium Monthly – Each month we provide a full suite of data together with commentary and analysis on the world Aluminium market.
  • Aluminium Weekly Alert – The Weekly Aluminium Alert gives you all the important news on a single page.
  • The Weekly Market Review – This review gives you an instant snapshot of China’s economy, energy, aluminium and related raw materials markets. 
  • The Annual Report – As the name suggests, we create an annual report that deep dives into all things Aluminium. It examines the complete supply chain, from bauxite to downstream and scrap/recycling. This provides you with a full 12-month review of the market changes for you to create models and projections for the coming year, as well as our own outlook for the year ahead.
  • Almost Daily Newsletter – The AZ-AD as we call it, is an almost daily update to news and information that we receive from our sources in China or around the world. You’ll get the latest info regarding aluminium, metal and alumina prices and more.

Learn more about our reports here

If you’d like to speak with us about a specific question or enquire about a sample of our subscription reports, or learn more about aluminium consulting, please contact us via email – [email protected]