AZ China becomes AZ Global Consulting Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that AZ China has changed its name to AZ Global Consulting Limited.  The name change is effective immediately.

Why did we change our name?

We are the same team, the same quality and the same focus.  But our focus has shifted in recent years to a more global outlook. In today’s world, the issues facing the aluminum industry are becoming truly global.  The entire industry the world over must address CO2 and other emissions as we move to truly green aluminum. Supply of petroleum coke is now becoming a major global concern. Whether we are looking at the metal or the raw materials, it’s important to understand the entire picture, not just one part of it.

Will you still report on China?

Yes.  We plan to introduce some new reports and services which will provide you with a global perspective, but our existing fleet of reports and services will not change.  We are still AZ China, but we are more than that.

Can you still help me meet Chinese suppliers and markets?

Yes.  We have the same team of people in the office, and we are still in constant contact with the key market makers inside China. Whether you are competing against China, selling to or buying from China, or you are looking for investments and strategic alliances with China, we can still help you?

Are you putting your prices up?


Can I still reach you at your old AZ China email address?


Do you have a new website address?

Yes.  It’s

Are you changing your business structure?

No.  We are still registered in Hong Kong and already have the approval for the change of business name. Our Hong Kong address remains as 1101, 299 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong.

What about payments? Do we have to change our records in our enterprise systems and accounting systems?

Yes please. Our HSBC bank account details are unchanged, and HSBC will identify payments to the old name, but the sooner every accounting or enterprise system can reflect our new name, the better.

What about your China business?

We stlll have our office in Zibo, and the team there continues to service our Chinese customers. The name of that business will remain as Ai Ze Consulting.

When is this all happening?

Our name change has already happened, and over the rest of March, you will see our new logo and name on letterheads, the website, the newsletter, our reports and so on. We will also be introducing some important new products and services that reflect the new name in the coming weeks.  Watch out for some exciting news on our new Green Aluminum Report and our Global Petcoke Report.

New name but same great service.  With global issues confronting our industry, we want you to know that you can rely on us to provide in-depth meaningful and data-based market intelligence. Please welcome AZ Global Consulting.

Got any questions/concerns about this move? We love to hear from you.

Paul Adkins
Managing Director
AZ Global Consulting Limited