AZ China Aluminium Weekly Report

AZ Global Consulting has announced the introduction of a new service. The Ask AZ Anything service (AAZA).

To be honest, we are picking up on the latest craze – Zoom. It seems many people are using it to do video conferences, and I am putting my hand up as an avid user. Being in Thailand, I have been able to chat with all my family in Australia live, free of charge and with very good video. 

But the means is not the point. In fact, it doesn’t matter what the platform is (and we are currently testing Microsoft Teams, thanks to the suggestion from reader SM). The real point is that the senior management team of AZ Global Consulting are available for you to question, live, in video format.

It’s all about our mission to provide you with insight and information. With so many clients and subscribers in lockdown or isolation, AAZA allows us to be available to you.
It doesn’t matter what the question is, we will attempt to answer it (provided it’s about aluminum and the raw materials etc – don’t ask us for the winning lottery numbers or how to solve the N=NP problem.

It works like this. We are making ourselves available from 8am Beijing time to 8pm, to provide some sort of cover for all time zones. Send any of us an email, with a suggested time slot and the range of topics you want to discuss, and we will confirm. Following the Zoom model, we will work on 40 minutes as the call time, but we can go longer if you need. If you don’t want to use Zoom, that’s ok, but we just need to make sure that any alternate platform can straddle the Great Firewall of China.

We are making this available FREE of CHARGE to all clients and subscribers. It’s that simple and easy.  Why not try us this week?